Our Services

Macroeconomic consulting

Each month, we review economic events at the local and international level, analyzing their impact in the short and medium term. This report presents our interpretation and points out risks and opportunities. Additionally, it keeps track of monetary, exchange and fiscal policy in Colombia, and reviews economic growth, inflation and exchange rate forecasts in the light of new information. In addition, domestic and international political events are analyzed. This report can be complemented with a sectorial analysis relevant for the client.

Economic consulting

Economic consultancy reports produced by EConcept, seek to solve specific firm problems, using as its main input the wide technical and academic knowledge of its consultants. These studies provide firms with solutions and tools that allow them to be successful under an uncertain and volatile economic environment, as well as to give answer to specific problems that affect your organization in the short or long term.


We offer expert economic analysis in litigations to law firms, the corporate sector and the public sector, providing an objective analysis in regulatory and corporate topics. We use tools applied in economic, financial, statistical and econometric analysis, in order to provide an accurate vision, methodologically robust and with strong theoretical foundations, accessible to people who don´t have economic training.


Our senior consultants carry out presentations on economic and political outlook, with special emphasis on sectors or topics of interest to our clients.